On Art and Artifice

by scholastress

Ripa- Iconologia- Artifice and Art

Ripa- Iconologia- Artifice and Art

On artifice: “A comely Man, whose Garment is richly embroider’d; he lays his Hand upon a Screw of perpetual Motion, and by his right shews a Hive of Bees. He is nobly clothed, because Art is noble of it self. His Hand upon the Screw shews that Engines have been contriv’d be Industry; that by them, incredible Things, like perpetual Motion, have been perfom’d. The Hive declares the Industry of the Bees, which, being very inconsiderable, are, nevertheless, great as to their Conduct.”

On Art: “An agreable Woman, seems to be ingenious by her very Looks, in a green Gown; in her right Hand a Hammer, an engraving Tool, and a Pencil; holding her her left Hand, a Stake that supports a Vine. The agreable Countenance declares the Charms of Art, attracting all Eyes upon it, and causing the Author to be approv’d and commended. The three Instruments are for intimating Nature: the Stake supplies Nature’s Defects, in holding up the tender Plant.”

– Cesare Ripa’s Iconologia (1593).