Judith, not Judy

by scholastress

Liz Kotz: You came out during the ’70s, then?

Judith Butler: I did, but without any community at all. When I entered a lesbian-feminist community, I felt alienation because they were dancing around to women’s music and I really couldn’t stand it.


The book I’m about to send in next week, which is tentatively entitled Bodies That Matter, also takes up questions of materiality, because many people said “Well, it sex is gender—if all sexual difference is culturally constructed—then what happens to the materiality of the body, Judy?” There’s always a “Judy” there at the end.

– “The Body You Want: Liz Kotz interviews Judith Butler,” Artforum 31, no. 3 (November
1992): 82-89.

There’s some good stuff in there.