A non-exhaustive list of objects from Ian Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology

by scholastress

nuclear stockpiles, picnics, buckshot, Roswell aliens, SETI, space shuttles, chile peppers, harmonicas, tacos, plumbers, cotton, bonobos, DVD players, sandstone, atoms, alpacas, bits, blinis, kudzu, grizzly bears, plastic, lumber, steel, dogs, pigs, birds, apples, potatoes, gypsum, video games, redwoods, lichen, salamanders, computers, microprocessors, ribbon cable, Erlenmeyer flasks, rubber-tired Metro rolling stocks, wild boars, black truffles, limestone deposits, kittens, humans, unicorns, combine harvesters, the color red, methyl alcohol, quarks and corrugated iron, Amelia Earhart, dyspepsia, Harry Potter, keynote speeches, single-malt scotch, Land Rovers, lychee fruits, love affairs, dereferenced pointers, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, bozons, horiculturists, Mozambique, Super Mario Bros., asphalt sealcoat, appletinis, the world, culture, language, capsaicin pepper, the culinary history of the enchilada, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, structure, characterization, events of a narrative, the code that produces it, assemblages of cartridge-machine-player-market, cultural mores, regulations for a particularly well-scheduled orgy to be held on glossy birch flooring, volcanoes, black holes, yogurt, tonsils, Winnie the Pooh, being itself, shipping containers, cinderblocks, bendy straws, iron filings, Slurpees, rotating roasters, red pickup trucks, drums, handles, tailgates, asphalt, metal, propane, Levi’s 501s, tea, skin, sugar, fuel, grapefruit, cells, organs, blood, limbs, bodies, burritos, cereal, the fictional Languages of Arda, integrated circuits, udon noodles, soup bowls, noodle houses, the social conventions according to which the eater slurps, the loosey-goosey abstractions of scruffy-bearded sandal wearing philosophy, brains, combustion engines, unleavened dough, ROM chips, King Aethelberht II, the ruler of East Anglia, twelfth-century vitas…