A Rape in Cyberspace

by scholastress

“To participate, therefore, in this disembodied enactment of life’s most body-centered activity is to risk the realization that when it comes to sex, perhaps the body in question is not the physical one at all, but its psychic double, the bodylike self-representation we carry around in our heads… Small wonder, then, that a newbie’s first taste of the slippery terms of MUDish ontology, recognizing in a full-bodied way that what happens inside a MUD-made world is neither exactly real nor exactly make-believe, but profoundly, compellingly, and emotionally meaningful.”

– Julian Dibbell, “A Rape in Cyberspace,” 203-204.

(For the record, I thing that the psychic homunculi thing that Dibbel suggests is still pretty embodied).